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This July will complete my three-year tenure on the Board of Directors of PEACE.  My future role will be fundraiser and supporter for PEACE's "Ayuda a los Animales," the mobile free spay/neuter program operating 48 weeks a year in the area of the Bay of Banderas.  Vicky Mason, who has done an excellent job as director of the PEACE Tours, has raised monies this season for one year of the "Work for Food" program here in Vallarta. Start date is tentatively scheduled for August,  with one coordinator and five volunteers.  Beginning immediately,  to read about what is going on at PEACE, please log on to Beth Brennan`s blog -  She is  covering PEACE in Nayarit and in Vallarta.  My blog will be dedicated to "Ayuda a los Animales" ("Help the Animals"), along with some notes on Vallarta and travels within Mexico.  If you prefer not to receive notices that a new blog has been posted, please let me know and I will remove your name from my mailing list.

I apologize for the lack of photographs this week.  I left Mexico on April 5th for an Easter family visit to San Francisco, and after nine mostly cold, windy, rainy days, returned to Puerto Vallarta.  This is the place where I belong at this time in my life.  I love the raw beauty -   the shadowy Sierra Madre mountains tumbling down to the deep Bay of Banderas, the wild and beautiful jungles, rivers and flora, the cobblestone streets,  the sweetness of the Mexican people and the surprises in my life here. 
PEACE BEACH AND RIVER CLEAN-UPS:  Due to a sad lack of volunteers and his schedule, team captain Len Martin will no longer be leading these clean-ups.  Len will instead be joining Michael Hayes` weekly youth group at his restaurant, ¿Què Pasa?  For more information on the every week-end river clean-up, please contact:

PET PROJECT:  The dog family in the empty lot in Fluvial.  Before leaving for an Easter family visit to San Francisco, I visited the three puppies at Dr. Pena's that Wanda Egan had trapped.  So accustomed to living wild and free, they were being kept separately in three small kennels.  I took out the two Doberman-looking males to hold them close so I could stroke them.  Rigid with fear after living their short lives without any close human contact,  they peed all over me.  The smallest one, a tan female, was in a kennel with a towel draped over it.  She was the most fearful of the three, and had nipped one of Dr. Peña's assistants.  I didn't disturb her.  All puppies tested negative for parvo and distemper and were estimated to be three months old.  After visiting them, I drove to the dusty empty lot and saw the four remaining puppies under one of the large trees. They scampered off as I approached with a bag of kibble. I placed it  there, where I always do,  and retreated to watch what would happen.  Within a few minutes, the puppies hesitantly began to return from the underbrush to their feeding spot.  They cautiously circled the food, jumping back, running away and then returning for a few minutes. They clearly remembered having seen their siblings trapped and distressed a few days before.  After fifteen minutes of waiting,  they were happily wagging their tails as they ate.  The mama dog was not in sight.   Wendy Egan said she had barked continuously when her puppies were in the trap.

The good news is that Laura Chavez-Halberg took the tan female back to Arizona, paying the $110 fare for the puppy to fly in the cabin with her.  This puppy will go out in adoption at PetCo via, an animal rescue organization in which Laura is very actively involved.    Manuel Zapata, always so helpful, is fostering the two black and tan males.  They need to be sterilized, vaccinated and adopted.

The project part:  To trap the rest of the family, test, vaccinate, find foster and permanent homes for them.  Please let me know if you can foster or would like to adopt.  They are beautiful puppies and will be medium/large size.

300 pesos from Kara Kaufman - for vet expenses for the rescued puppies in the empty lot in Fluvial
1000 pesos.from Buri Gray towards future vet expenses for the remaining siblings and/or mama dog
Dog supplies, including kibble - from Laura Chavez

A dozen used collars and a leash - from Alpha Dog in Mill Valley, California


The beautiful Siamese mix male from the Isla Cuale that I had pointed out to Adriana, who feeds the cats there daily. The cat`s photo had been in one of my blogs and a friend of Adriana`s wanted him.

Six cats this week-end by Angelicat at Plaza Caracol and two last Good Friday.  Adoptions are every Friday and Saturday from 11-2 near the McDonald´s entrance.

NEED HOMES:  Four-year old spayed cat rescued by Grant Olson, who is moving to Canada in a week and cannot take her with him.  Grant says she is very pretty and affectionate.   If interested, please contact: 

"Cruz," lovely and well behaved rescued two-year old neutered Lab mix needs foster or permanent home asap.  Contact:   

"Scooby,"  beautiful and affectionate one-year old black Lab mix rescued by Gail Wetherley and Sue Kennedy needs home-  Contact:

All the dogs and cats at the Centro de Acopio.  They will start arriving this soon, brought in by their owners, by the police, and by the Acopio,  if their truck is working.  Luckily all dogs and cats were adopted or placed in foster homes before the two-week closing of the Acopio for Easter vacation.  Apparently the city does not have or does not want to spend the extra money during vacation time for an employee to provide food and water and kennel clean-ups.  On different occasions in the past, the animals are simply euthanized as a way of solving the problem of no staff.  We have seen the same thing happen with parks here.  Trees and bushes are planted, a long vacation is initiated and the city doesn`t provide for another employee to take the place of the one who is away.  The result - many dead plants.

To see photos of animals for adoption every week: on the "pv animal" page.  Telephone:  293-3690.  The Acopio is a breeding place for disease.  Clinics are critical to keep dogs and cats out of the pound and off the streets where they are so vulnerable.  PLEASE DONATE.

STERILIZATIONS: Bucerias - April 11-14 - Numbers not yet received


April 18-21 - San Pancho, Nayarit
April 25-28 - Jarretaderas, Nayarit

Back to Vallarta:

May 2-5 - Pitillal  (thank you to AngeliCAT for providing this clinic location)
May 9-12 - Calle Basilio Badillo in Old Town Vallarta (in the planned future location of a permanent free spay/neuter clinic in Vallarta - Colina Spay & Neuter Clinic429 -B Basilio Badillo, between Jacarandas and Aguacate, inside Unique ATV Tours)
May 16- 19 - Colonia el Caloso at ¿Qué Pasa? Bar and Restaurant (thank you to owner, Michael Hayes)
May 23-26 - Yelapa (thank you to Luke Donohoe, owner of the wonderful Lagunita Hotel for providing lodging for our clinic staff)

Times are 9 AM-2 PM Wednesday-Friday and 9 AM-12 N Saturday.  No food or water after midnight for animals the day before surgery.

To volunteer or for specific directions:
If lost en route:  Lalo - 044 322 141 1031

In PEACE and bliss

gretchen@peacemexico - Board of Directors -

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