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Parroquia in San Miguel

Somber watercolored clouds clung to the foothills of the Sierra Madres as we wound up the narrow road and then descended past pine trees to Mascota, where we stopped for hot chocolate.   Following the signs to Guadalajara, we drove across the wide plateau between undulating mountains, passing fields and fields of sugar cane.   Rumbles of thunder and a crackle of lightening.  Rain!   A overnight at the heavenly  Hacienda El Carmen, a working ranch dating back to the 18th century.  Hundreds of acres of beauty .   Former aqueducts traversing the property.    Immaculate lawns filled with lemon trees exuding the heavy fragrance of their small white blossoms.   Horses in stables next to caged peacocks.   A pond for ducks and paddle boats.  The sweet smell of damp earth.  A sense of the past and the passion for the land. 
Hacienda el Carmen

Approximately 15 minutes driving towards Guadalajara from Hacienda el Carmen, are the  prehispanic ruins of Guachimontones.  The ruins were discovered in the 90´s and there is a very nice and very new museum at the foot of the hill where the ruins are situated.  Overlooking a lake, which was much larger before the Mexican government drained part of it to build a highway, a circual stepped pyramid rests in the middle of former circular building complexes dating back to 350 B.C.   After this stop, we continued  the six-hour drive up to the high desert colonial city of San Miguel de Allende. 

BEACH CLEAN-UPS:  From Len Matin, team captain:    "We will be at Los Muertos beach this Saturday.  Meet on the pedestrian bridge over the Rio Cuale or look for people picking up trash on the beach below.
Also, I'm open for changes in this process if we can do more and have a greater impact on our city.  Does anyone have any alternate ideas for days, times, locations, etc.   I know some of you can't make Saturdays and do some cleaning on your own.  That is great and maybe that is the way it should be for all of us.  Let me have some ideas."  9 Am for an hour or two.  Gloves and bags always supplied.  Contact:


126 pesos for spay/neuter clinics in Puerto Vallarta.  Steve Hach was walking on the Malecon early Friday evening and noticed the Acopio dogs for adoption.   Leaving the following morning for his home in Philadelphia, he emptied his pockets of change and handed it to me.


Because of the demonstrable need in that colonia, a second week was added, replacing Pitillal.

children waiting for their pets at clinic in Puerto Vallarta

Sterilizations in Coapinole – February 8-11
female cats- 22; male cats – 7; female dogs – 13; male dogs – 19  TOTAL:  61


ANGELICAT at Plaza Caracol on February 10th – 4 sterilized kittens
On the next day, I took the beautiful long-haired orange cat that I found on the island to Angelicat/PurrProject adoptions at Plaza Caracol.  She was adopted immediately, as well as a darling Basset Hound mix that had been rescued from an abusive owner.
ANGELICAT at Plaza Caracol on Friday, February 17 - 4 kittens

ACOPIO (POUND) at their event on the Malecon February 10th – 4 sterilized dogs and one unsterilized 6-week old puppy 
These dogs and one other were adopted at the Acopio//PV Animal event on the Malecón

“Angel,” the mama dog that was rescued from the Acopio with her six puppies.  She is a graduate of Carlos Ochoa´s dog training school and will make an excellent pet.  Two of her puppies are in foster home and available for adoption.  Maya and Frida are three months old, spayed, and  have half of their vaccines completed.  Preference is to have them adopted together.    Photo below.  Contact:


Many dogs and puppies at the Centro de Acopio (pound)  contact:  293-3690  Adoptions every Friday 11-2 at Plaza Caracol on Monday-Friday from 8-3.  These animals are at great risk.  Please adopt, don´t purchase pets.  Photo are 0f of some of the recent arrivals this week.  For more photos:  www,  under "PV Animal."  Mama dogs have the least chance of being adopted.


February 15-18 - San Blas
February 22-25 – Higuera Blanca
February 29-March 3 – Mita
March 7- 10 - La Cruz
March 14-17 -   Lo de Marcos
March 21-March 24 - La Peñita
March 28-March 31 -Las Varas
April 4-April 7 -       Semana Santa (Easter week)
April 11-April 14 -     Bucerias
April 18-April 21 -     San Pancho

Times are 9 AM-2 PM Wednesday-Friday and 9 AM-12 N Saturday.
To volunteer or for specific directions: 
If lost en route:  Lalo - 044 322 141 1031

UPCOMING FUNDRAISER FOR PEACE:  The first annual “Arte Vida” in Puerto Vallarta will be held on March 30th at Casa Corona in Centro.   The evening will include a lavish catered cocktail buffet,  live and silent auctions, and music by the popular singer and guitarist, Armando Silva.    The live auction will be all art, with artists in attendance.  Tickets, priced at 750 pesos each, can be purchased from committee members and at the PEACE Boutique.   Committee members to date include Maria OConnor and Carolyn Brussard-Lamb.   All profits will benefit PEACE education programs and spay/neuter clinics in Puerto Vallarta.


PEACE Boutique - home tour tickets sold here

PEACE home tours:  Every Tuesday at 10:30 AM through March 27th, departing from Plaza Romy (L. Vallarta # 228 between F. Madero andL.Cardenas streets). Beautiful homes, gardens and views.  Tickets can be purchased in advance at or at the PEACE
Boutique (address above).  Tickets go on sale day of tour at 9:30 AM at Plaza Romy.  For more information:  224-4007 or Tickets prices are $35 U.S.

"Manos Ujnidas por la Mujer" merchandise at PEACE boutique

Proceeds from tours this season are being banked in anticipation of launching the PEACE "Work for Food" program in Puerta Vallarta

PEACE MEMBERSHIPS:  300 pesos per year entitles members to great discounts at terrific vendor locations in the area of the Bay of Banderas.  All monies raised from sales of memberships equally benefit PEACE programs in Nayarit and Vallarta.  Memberships are sold at the PEACE boutique, where the majority of merchandise is fabricated by local artisans. Sales benefit both the women´s co-op and PEACE programs.  For a list of participating vendors:

The memberships quickly pay for themselves with the discounts offered by a wide variety of vendors.

Please help support PEACE.  Our organization has tax-free status in Mexico, the U.S. and Canada.

In PEACE and bliss,

Board of Directors -

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